Coach Nancy helps her clients find clarity, direction and serenity during their career and life transitions.

Have you ever said to yourself:

  • I wish my life were different.
  • I never seem to get where I want to go.
  • I am not content with what I have and want something different.

Well you are not alone. Nancy Abramson is there for you. She is a graduate of Coach University.

Coach Nancy specializes as a:

  • Executive Coach
  • Career Counselor and Employment Coach
  • Retirement Coach
  • Personal and Professional Coach

Many people struggle through life. Their career never seems to take off. Their business doesn’t grow. They do not have the money, home, friendships and fun they wanted. Your life can be as happy, successful and brilliant, as you want it to be. Working with a professional coach can get you there.

When you are clear about what you want, believe you can obtain it and get out of the way, you will create the life you want.

Coach Nancy’s specialties are: Career, Small Business, and Retirement Coaching. Through coaching sessions with Coach Nancy Abramson, you can begin to recognize your ideal career and business life and attain what you want. To get started, just click on one of the links to the free, no-obligation assessments listed on the menu to the right.

Coach Nancy has worked with clients to:

  • Identify the careers of their dreams.
  • Attain the position and career path previously thought not possible.
  • Design and live the retirement they want and dream about.
  • Retire from their current career and establish the business, career and life they desire.
  • Get unstuck at work and in life.
  • Learn to have confidence in their decisions.
  • Create a Vision for their business and life.
  • Create and implement a successful job search strategy.
  • Improve their relationships with people at work and home.
  • Change from frustrated with career search to excited, enthusiastic, and successful with job search.
  • Change from impatient and frustrated to living peacefully.
  • Recognize their talent and skills and go for the life they want.
  • Establish life and career goals.
  • Successfully navigate life transitions.

Reasons Why Your Future can be Great

  • You are ready for change – your past is behind you.
  • Issues can be resolved.
  • Challenges are learning opportunities. You can always do things differently to get different results.
  • You can discover old beliefs that keep you stuck and explore new beliefs that propel you forward.
  • Life isn’t linear. Straight lines do not always get you where you want to go.